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How is your team trained?

Our teams are trained with knowledge on how to pack, move and take extreme caution with every clients valuables. The focus on clients satisfaction is our #1 goal. Professional and courteous teams that are on site to make sure your move is as stress free as possible. Your world is changing with every move - we understand and take extreme pride in every step of the process.



Do you have a storage facility?

Yes, please ask for pricing.



Can you move my car?




How do I know how many boxes are needed?

We will provide an estimate for you.



Where do I find boxes?

 We will provide the boxes for the move.  You can return them to our office within a week after the move.



What materials will I need once I start packing?

We can pack the items for you or we can provide you a list of moving tips if you decide to pack and hire

Muscle Movers™ just to move the items.



How can I make sure the boxes are placed in the right room?

Each box is color coded for the room it is to be moved into.  Our movers know the colors and room codes.



Where should I pack important valuables or documents?

The safest place is always with you.  We will provide a list of tips of what we will/will not move and how to move them.



How do I change my address when moving?

 The first thing to do is get a change of address form from your local post office.  We will provide a list

of common businesses to inform.



Will you move on the weekends, holidays, or evenings?

We will accommodate your move times to the best of our ability which would include weekends and evenings
and most holidays except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.



My moving date has changed, what should I do?

Notify us as soon as possible so we can make changes to our schedule and help you with your move.



How do I book a move with you?

Complete the “Get a quote” link and we will call you back as soon as possible OR simply call for a personal quote.

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